VPN Solutions

Today business demands for converged Ethernet services are pushing the requirements for Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity in the same direction as Local Area Network (LAN) requirements. Routers must now provide highly secure connections with guaranteed bandwidth and advanced voice capabilities.

Divyanga Solutions meet all these needs and more, using VPN, QoS and VoIP technologies. Our range of secure routers is ideally suited to a variety of organizations and businesses - from multi-site enterprises with high-bandwidth and security requirements, to individual teleworkers working remotely over broadband VPNs.

We provide solutions for E1/T1, xDSL, Ethernet, ISDN and Frame Relay, as well as PSTN and leased line connections.

Home Teleworker
A home-based data-only teleworker is using an ARW256E wireless ADSL router to connect to the corporate headquarters over a broadband Internet connection.

Professional Teleworker
This professional teleworker requires a low-cost digital voice connection, or Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as data.

Small Branch Office
The AR440S router is connecting multiple users in the small branch office to the corporate headquarters, via a secure VPN connection.

Large Branch Office
Many large branch offices need to send a large volume of data to their corporate headquarters.

Corporate Headquarters
The corporate router can provide a high-availability, data-symmetrical connection to the Internet over a leased line, or Ethernet connection.

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