Technology Solutions

Start with private cloud and evolve to a hybrid cloud environment. You retain the proven storage efficiency, availability and scalability of the world's no.1 branded storage operating system.

Reduce your data storage requirements by 50% – guaranteed. Use deduplication technology to reduce your existing data by at least 35%.

Dynamic Data Portability: Integrated data transport, including the No.1 replication software and first-of-its-kind hypervisor translation, offers dynamic movement of data and workloads across any cloud resources, helping you boost IT efficiency and avoid vendor lock-in. Control the security of data moving in and out of the cloud, and meet compliance requirements.

Integrate enterprise-class data management with public cloud services that offer speed, flexibility and economy. Extensive Choice: Create your private, public or hybrid cloud strategy with your choice of our 175+ cloud service provider partners worldwide.

Leverage open-source options to provision and manage cloud resources with CloudStack and OpenStack.

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