Product Engineering

Our low cost offshore delivery partner model has experienced resources to enable our clients develop their products with high quality. Our offshore team has delivered products to Bay area start-ups and leading organisations in US & India. Our products are built on various technologies and the offshore team has all the necessary skillset to deliver on-time with high quality.

Product Development

With growth in IT, new responsibilities and challenges arised. The independent system no more can work in isolation. They need to communicate with other systems. With one or two systems the exchange of data is simple but as the count increases more than two.The complexity involved in data exchange increase. This is the time when need of integration becomes crucial and demanding. We are specialized in providing seamless integration of different system both hetrogeneous and homogenous.

Services We Provide

  • Management of offshore teams.
  • Scoping of product in phases.
  • Architecture & Design modelling.
  • Technology selection & Recommendations.
  • Commercial sourcing & modelling.
  • Timely delivery of products in phases.

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