Customer Relationship Management

In this era of high competition, sales team need an efficient sales process to achieve big goals. It helps you to focus on right deals at right time and make more money by closing them in less time. Not only efficient sales process of Divyanga helps you to make best deals but also its sales process tool distinguishes achievers from under achievers. Sales process tool of Divyanga helps you to set automatic follow ups and in customization of local terms used in business.

How can Divyanga help me to get my business any better?

It helps you to gain more time. A CRM software is in cloud so it helps the company to get rid of all the clumsy tasks such as data entry, admin work and security updates. Secondly, it helps the company to get a better view of the company businesses as it automates all the business processes by providing deep analysis and insights about important business sales and about client data.

How CRM software can help for service and support industry?

CRM software helps to get customer information from various sources; assign the cases to the appropriate support team; it helps to store the solution in the customer history which can be used in future as a reference of the same customer or to give solution to another customer over the same issue; in case of serious issues, issues can be escalated to the senior officials; helps to identify the areas where the company needs to improve the service.

Divyanga provides helps to build up your business by providing you the best IT solutions using the latest technologies and best CRM integration.

What is CRM going to change in the sales and marketing campaign?

CRM helps the sales manager to monitor and analyze the team's sales activities. It helps him to know the current status of the team. He can predict the future sales and plan accordingly. For a sales representatives, it helps him to get the history of his customers easily which in turn provides him more time to plan the sales. The cloud based CRM provides the marketers to easily track down the sales leads and their sources and then send the leads to the right sales person.

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